1 of the Most Beautiful Families I’ve Ever Known.

My life force energy is with the family of Sinbad and his loved ones, as i just recently heard news that he’s recovering from a stroke. His family has been such an inspiration to me. His Daughter allowed me into her life as a friend, and i’m grateful for the memories we created together. We’ve laughed some of my favorite Moons together 🙂

[ Paige & Eye 💚 ]

Her Parent’s love story is one of the most inspirational stories i have ever known and is living proof that true love has no bounds. Their support of our creative endeavors at school and their kindness toward my Family and I meant very much to me, and I am thankful for them to have produced such amazing Children and a friend that meant a lot to me at a time when a good friend was needed.

[ Paige’s Father makes my Primo’s day 🥰 ]

If it weren’t for Paige’s Father, i would not have seen my grandiose February stage play ideas unfold (cuz we all know how flamboyant I can be lol 💃🏽🤭) . It made me feel like i could do anything! My appreciation for the entire family and the love and joy they shared w mine will always be a time i’ll remember 💚

[ Paige & I share our script w her Father for a live show, and he helps us produce “Celebrating the Contributions of African Americans”. For me it was one of the greatest visions I’d ever been a part of. ]

Sending love, light, and positive vibes to the Atkins Family, 🙏🏽

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