Rest In Power, Nipsey

Chapter IV of the Circle 7 Koran;

The death of Elizabeth-Matheno’s Lessons- The Ministry of Death

1. “When John was 12 years old, his mother died, and neighbors laid her body in a tomb among her kindred in the Hebron burying ground, and near to Zacharias’ tomb.”

2. “And John was deeply grieved; he wept. Matheno said: ‘It is not well to weep because of death’ ”

3. “Death is no enemy of man; it is a friend who, when the work of life is done, just cuts the cord that binds the human boat to earth, that it may sail on smoother seas.”

5. “The calls of death are always for the best, for we are solving problems there as well as here; and one is sure to find himself where he can solve his problems best.”

6. “It is but selfishness that makes one wish to call again to earth departed souls.”

7. “Then let your mother rest in peace. Just let her noble life be strength and inspiration unto you.”

16. “The teacher treads the way; on every span of ground he leaves his footprints, clearly cut, which all can see and be assured that he, their master, went that way.”

23. “Now, you may never point the way and tell the multitudes what you have never done; but you must go before and show the way”

~ The Lessons of Yehoshuah~



we are grateful for your bravery as a guiding light and a soldier of One True Love.

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