The “Creole” of Babel.

When the Ouchita (Louisiana) Aborigines migrated to Kali, they had to stick together. Facing the same paper-bag discrimination of the South, they say they weren’t “white” enough to be “white”, nor “black” enough to be “black”, so they never fit in anywhere and were targets on all sides; because they come in every shade. Picking sides was not an option, but naturally, one would lean to one side or another. Others would just be alone. Because all they wanted was Peace. And it felt like left, right or center STILL wasn’t gonna feel like a belonging if it wasn’t within the culture, which dwindled as families assimilated. Yet still, folks would mostly lean left or right. Not “white” enough to be “white, nor “black” enough to be “black”. Hell, my pops was beat up and picked on all the time as a child, for being…..??? Lol . Till he got some muscles and bullied the bullies LoL!

So some days…. MOST days, i been feelin’ real “Creole” lately.

That isolation.

Can’t please everyone. All you can do is make peace with yourself and love yourself even when ppl dont understand.

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