What doesn’t make sense.

All of these efforts to save the planet are worthless if we still take crystals, precious metals, and minerals from the Mother for the digital electronics without figuring out some way to “clone” those things on a mass scale, bc the actual EARTH depends on that. So preserving Oshun is important and making up for oil spills and destruction is definitely a responsibility the corporations must own up to and remedy. However, what good is it to save Oshun if we are pillaging and asking aborigenes to mine their own land and strip it dry alongside other countries with their hands in a pot that does not belong to them who likely have no intention of making sure that the mother Nd those who tend to her with what is a priceless wealth of wisdom; those who are atuned with the Mother’s land and her language; can survive and thrive feeely? To overmine cobalt at Africa in Asia Minor for a price will pervert the ecology of the area, and what with those who have no interest in technilogy? When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WW HAVE MINED ENOUGH COBALT. WE HAVE DUMPED ENOUGH TRASH EVERYWHERE. Fully electric cars still require expensive precious metals even if fossil fuels are a problem.


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