The Universe

If the Universe is within, and it is mental, and if we exhist a Star of David on Earth (Arm Leg Leg Arm Head; As Above, So Below in 360 degrees), and the star is the circle burning so bright that it shoots Ray’s of light, then everything is every thing; ever expanding and contracting, like the Womb, depending upon how much space we give the Universe to exist within ourselves.

The sun within us (we call it our solar plexus, or our “core”) is just a morsel of the Sun contained within the vessel of the body, the center of our bodies, our fire breath, which is what makes us a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. Wow! What a crazy revelation!

And if what is within is also without, then the Earth has its core just like we do, and can humans not be parasitic or helpful to the Wombniverse, just like how parasites and helpers exist within the body, since we exist within the body of the Wombniverse? Technically, we are living organisms inside of something else’s body and it’s inner workings, like how things live inside our bodies as well.

So if that’s true, then the Wombniverse is the mother, birthing galaxies and stars and planets and comets and such, and if something is parasitic to it (unaligned with Balance and the Laws of N-t-r), will it not eject the parasite to heal itself and keep the helpers like the body does when it detoxes?

This must be what principles of respect and of Love are all about. And if the Ma’at Earth feels toxic, s/he is allowed- just like any of us, to start over and remove the parasites from the Body, As s/he is an organ of the Wombniverse responsible for making sure it stays balanced and alive.

The Uni-verse only exists within when we are in uni-sun with our provider, the Wombniverse. This is harmony. Harmony creates balance. Balance begets Peace.

And then the orchestra plays on.

~ Ashé.

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