Moorish American Holy Week 1443 MC

🍒🌲Hapi #MoorishAmericanHolyWeek1443MC y’all! 🇲🇦 January 8th – 15th is a national holiday for us, recognized by the House of Representatives at #Georgia in 2014 to read as follows: “Recognizing January 8-15, 2014, as Moorish American Holy Week at the state capitol; and for other purposes. WHEREAS, the Moorish Americans, whose ancient forefathers are the mothers and fathers of the human family, stand in these days as a comity of descendants from the ancient #Moabites and #Canaanites who were permitted by the Old Pharoahs of #Kemet to traverse from
East #Africa and later formed kingdoms extending from the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa and the #Atlantic #Islands onto the present day continental #Americas…”(House Resolution 1203 -1-
L 14 LC 104 0002)

Moorish American Holy Week, 1443 (Moorish Calendar Year)
House Resolution 1203, 2014 (Gregorian Calendar Year)
House Resolution 1203, 2014 (Gregorian Calendar Year)

Who are the Moors? Part 4

~ The Circle 7 Holy Koran is the specific account pertaining the legacy of the Moors in North, South and Central America. With treaties prior to the U.S. existence, the foremothers and forefathers who permitted the British to have their colonies are in debt to this very dey. The U.S. is responsible to keep its word, even those words prior to the treaties. and after their constitution. Their Oath is to guarantee constitutional rights are secure and their word is bond; especially when it is expressed. As measures owed for our courtesy toward the U.S., our collective human right to non-discrimination should be recognized as having been internationally affirmed by the nations , “and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state notwithstanding” per Article 4 of the US Const. ~

Who are the Moors? Part 3

~ Man is to be a friend to mankind , and vice versa, bc that is Love. Moors, their vessels, and their property are to be kept safe and sound and ultimately returned to their country. The Moors are to be protected against domestic violence, of which is being inflicted upon them as they are denied several guaranteed rights by the Massachusetts state. A republican form of govt is only secure when the PEOPLE secure its standing, bc a republic is a govt FOR the people BY the people. Securing one’s standing is a human right and cannot be infringed.~

Who are the Moors? Part 2

~ The original people are the ones who have the keys . It cannot be extracted nor exchanged, bc it is with us from the time of stardust until that dust is dirt. No man can touch it, not even scientists. These original people include North, South and Central America, and BEYOND. A war APPEARS to be between the North American Republic and everyone else right now, when it is truly between the U.S. republic and their de-facto U.S. extension/corporation. Moors being denied their treaty rights to a Vizeer of their government is not only a criminal act, but begs the question of who the ACTUAL “sovereign citizen” is who goes against their own Oath, labeling others with these terms while simultaneously committing treason against their treaty agreements. The united states republic has agreed to protect Moors by keeping their word in situations like these, just as Moors are protecting constitutional rights FOR ALL when these courts have no authority over human rights, international relations, or its matters. ~

Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom & Justice.

~ An Allodial American citizen is a foreign national to the United States OF America, hence an Al Merican / Al Morrocan / American citizen. international rights are reserved that should not be violated by a state whose business is in commerce, not human affairs. Mutual courtesies are to be exchanged by both ships; the Christians (Modern Europeans / Caucasians) and Moslems (Asiatics/Moors) alike for one another, until either party is in dishonor, of which the corporate united states is guilty of for processing human beings under labels like “black”, “negro”, and “colored” classifications to conceal nationality inheritance of the aborigenes. ~

Keep. It. Together.

When the world is caving in, keep your cool.

Be the eye in the middle of the hurricane, the calm within the storm.

Remain the guiding light within the fog.

Remember that someone is depending on you to keep your shit together, and walk out of the fire un-singed,

With the crown of Faith glowing upon your head

as if the flame had never touched you,

and watch as the Sun rises behind the horizon,

the water cools,

it seems like it’s all over,

but you made it through.

~ Ashé ~


Keep It Together ~ Zero.

The Five W’s of: Diversity in Thought

By: Ashé Omo Aladé Olorun Lukumí Bey

14th of January, year of the holy prophet 132/1438/2019

In a world of so many ways in which we perceive our surroundings, there seem to be those things we speak into existence, subconsciously creating that which we Will into the world.  The consequences are, at times, phenomenal! We learn from one another and share the many wonders of what Mdw-ntr(Also known as “Mother Nature” or “The Word of God” in English) (Watterson, 1999, P. 182 – 188) has gifted us, resulting in the creative solutions and various art forms that are expressed through Culture. Diversity that is birthed from the variety that a colorful world has to offer is a source of great pride in the accomplishments of Mankind for the societies that stand the test of time. However, historical evidence over the course of time supports moments where the consequence of cultural mixtures and their contributive thought have turned disastrous, even destroying entire peoples and rewriting the histories and spiritual legacies of multiple nations simply by an unhealthy will to manipulate said cultures so as to rob them of their richness.

Zero at the Broad.
Photography by: Kaleem Lane


Therefore, one begs the question;

Can Diversity in Thought withstand the test of time?


I chose to approach this question with the classic “5 W’s” of problem solving to ask;


Who, What, When, Where and Why can Diversity in Thought stand the test of time?


WHO is Tho(ugh)t?

  In summary, Thot is the Egyptian God of Wisdom, connected with all intellectual pursuits including Arts and Sciences.  To receive intellect, one must be open and available to receiving first. Within the cosmology of that open space, the principle of Life (or “Ankh”) ensues and one learns (Traunecker, 2001, P. 76).  Then knowledge is acquired, whereby one can create a philosophy of it, thus founding principles upon which a Cult can flourish, thus resulting in a Cult-ure. Thot is the scribe of the Gods and wrote the 42 books with all wisdoms of the world, who also wore the crescent Moon upon its head (Watterson, 1999, P. 182 – 188).  This concept is important in understanding the roots of the word “Thought”.


WHAT is Thought?

  Thought is the Creator and the Will to create (Traunecker, 2001, P. 76). In the coffin texts, Ptah the Creator conceived “in his body” and pronounced “with his mouth”.  The human organ which is said to seat “Thought” is the Heart, and the organ which is said to seat “Speech” is the Tongue. Universal Wisdom interprets that “The Heart & Tongue control all limbs… every mouth of all gods, people, animals, every living, creeping thing, thinking and pronouncing everything they desire”.  According to the legend, the role of the heart is a conduit of information from the three senses (sight, hearing, and smell), causing the emergence of every conclusion (Traunecker, 2001, P. 78 – 79).  Therefore it is by means of the Tongue that the thoughts of the Heart are passed on, thus Conception occurs, and that is this process of when the Heart and Tongue conspire as one to create what is called “Thought


WHAT is Diversity in Thought?

  If Diversity is defined as “the condition of having or being composed of different elements” (noun. Merriam Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, 2019), this would mean that the creator and the will to create (aka “Thought”) must be in the condition of having or being composed of various features in order to contain diversity in its thought.  Therefore, diversity in thought is when the Creator and the Will to create become the freedom to think independently and uniquely amongst those who create an atmosphere where diversity in thought is the will of its creators and is respected as such.


WHEN is there Diversity in Thought?

  When there is a respect, or “due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others” (noun. Oxford American College Dictionary, 2019) maintained by a wisdom, or “ the soundness of an action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge, and good judgment” (noun.Oxford American College Dictionary, 2019), present therein lies diversity in thought.   While the Greeks pulled a predominant amount of their knowledge from the Egyptians, there was a mutual respect for the laws of nature for a moment in time and there was Peace, which ensures by the very ways of Nature itself that all living things (including Animals, Insects, Etc…) are entitled to self-determination or the right to define oneself.  When the principles of respect and wisdom meet self-determination wherever present is when there is diversity in thought.


WHERE is Diversity in Thought present?

  In civilized societies where respect is mutually given and received.  Civilization exists when a highly developed society or culture shows evidence of moral and intellectual advancement in humane, reasonable, and ethical ways; marked by refinement in taste and manners.  (adj. Your Dictionary, 2019) Respect is given and received where wisdom and freedom intersect to allow space for diversity. Where wisdom, freedom, and diversity are met with moral and intellectual advancement is where diversity in thought is present.


WHY is there Diversity in Thought when it is present?

  There is diversity in thought to promote variety and advance evolution. Because Beings are entitled to Self – Determination and have the innate drive to define themselves by the environment and/or cultures with which they identify, there is diversity in thought.  Within this, where there is respect, creativity is colorfully celebrated in the many ways in which it is diverse, which is when it is present. This advances evolution by offering the trade of innovative creations, which all Creation contributes toward as a whole and hungers for as part of its growth.


Finally, can Diversity in Thought withstand the test of time?

Although we are diverse in the many ways in which we branch out from the Tree of Life, we are ultimately the same at the root.  And if life is a circle, are we simply sharing various interpretations of the Karmic life lesson as one? Perhaps the reason why Humans repeat the same patterns with predictive results is because of our Human Ntr. However one thing seems for sure, and that is the reality that all things evolve and will forever be diversewhether it is of personal preference to us or not.

Each of us are like a grain of sand in this large Universe that is simply a reflection of Diversity in Thought.    If the Creator and the Will to create manifests the freedomto think independently and uniquely amongst those who’ve created an atmosphere where self-determination is respected and maintained by wisdom and expressed in a civilized manner, we can conclude that harmony will strike its chord and Diversity in Thought is guaranteed to stand the test of time.




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You Heard It Str8 4m Ya Boy’s Very Own Mouth!

#JoseMartí, a #NationalHero, brought u the facts and died for it.

José Martí. Ironically he is killed at battle on the same day as Malcolm X’s solar return.

The reason why #Cubans would never cede the Isle to the union states is because they KNEW and they KNOW that the union states are SUBJECT to them.


Taíno Aborigene.

Because Cuba is part of #AlMorocco AND #Amexem, and the union states impressed war and Martial Law upon them through colonialism AGAINST THEIR OWN OATHS, as they’ve done to us Muurs of America and are still doing today.

The u.s. (not to be confused with America) is treasonous against their own country! There is no loyalty even unto themselves.

“Our America” , Al Morocco.

Muurenos all over; but ESPECIALLY aborigenes of Cuba, Al Morocco (America) Mexico, Chile, Puerto Rico, and even the aborigenes of China and the Afrakans… have a duty to one another cuz we been in this fight from jump as a unit.

The Chinese fought alongside Cubans for independence as well (not quoted here)

As #AseertheDukeofTiers would say; DO THE KNOWLEDGE.

Aseer the Duke of Tiers.

And don’t forget that #NobleDrewAli told you that even your own fez & turban-wearing #Muurs can turn against their people. There are sellouts everywhere. Even back then. There will be in the future.

Everlasting life does not come easily in this physical density as the toil is such, existing within a Human body.

A Morena.

Ashé’s “Eat 2 Live” Nutritious, Plant-Based 90-day Food Supply

Research & compilation by: Ashé “Zero” O. A. O. Lukumí Bey

Information source: ObaShangoEl.Com Library 

*disclaimer : none of the information shared is medical advice. Please consult with your physician should you have any inquiries regarding this compilation.

Calculating your storage requirements.

  • Find out your height / weight and the necessary number of calories needed per day. 
  • Multiply the calorie amount by 90 days to get the total amount needed for 3 fiscal months.
  •  Go window-shopping to price your items and compare where to purchase the most affordable items in your area.  Each item on the list (outside of seeds) is approximately measured by the cup. You want to make sure you have a cup a day of your variety. For example, A 16 ounce bag of dry lentils is about 2.25 cups. 1 cup of dry lentils is 4 cups cooked. From 2.25 cups, one gets 9 cooked cups from a bag. 90 days/9cups = 10 bags necessary for 90 days. 
  • Do the math for each item and then get 12 cardboard boxes; one for each week.  Put 7 days worth of food and rice milk in each box and label the boxes accordingly. Also don’t forget to list expiration dates on the boxes.  
  • After the basics are set aside, begin to work on herbs and spices for your foods, and other extras that make for a good time, but NOT before you secure WATER!.
  • Keep an 80/20 balance of alkaline/acidic foods for optimum health.  

Notes about the importance of including B17 vitamin in one’s diet.

  • B17 is a mandatory vitamin supplement for plant-based diets! It is an ultimate cancer killer when paired properly  with omega 3, it carries oxygen to the cells and produces B12, which vegetarians absolutely need. It is best to take with vitamin C and Zinc as metabolizers to break down the vitamins.

 B17 foods include:

  • Barley
  • Chickpea
  • Flaxseed
  • Lentil
  • Apple
  • Apricot (the seed is packed with B17)
  • Cherry 

Omega 3 sources include:

  • Flaxseed
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Sesame Seed
  • Sunflower Seed
  • Corn (non-gmo)

Menu Items.

The alkaline to acid ratio within a day should be 80:20.

Alkaline Menu Items

(80% of the meal)

Alkaline Veggie’s Include : Asparagus, Broccoli, Carrot, Cucumber, Collard Greens, Onion, Sea Veggies, Spirulina, Sprouts, Wheat Grass.

Alkaline Fruit Includes : Apple, Avocado, High-Glycemic Banana, Dates, Seeded Grapes, Watermelon.

Alkaline Protein (take in 40 g a day only) Includes:  Almond, Eggs, Flax Seeds, Pumpkin Seed, Sprouted Seed, Sunflower Seed, Yogurt.  

Sweeteners & Spices : All Herbs, Cinnamon, Curry, Ginger, Mustard, Sea Salt, Xylitol (i.e. Munkfruit sugar).  Queen Afua’s alternative sugar replacement includes: date syrup/ soaked dates and/or other fruit.

Other:  Apple Cider Vinegar, Ginseng, Dandelion Tea, Bee Pollen, Teas, Kombucha.

Calcium sources: Queen Afua‘s suggestions include almond / sunflower milk or 8-16 oz green veggie juice of Broccoli, Kale, Spinach, Turnip and Wheatgrass.

Acid Menu Items

(20% or less of the meal)

Protein Includes: Salmon (if one MUST eat poultry, it is good to keep that poultry as far away from one’s genetic makeup as possible. Thus, fish would be furthest and most ideal, as it is not a four-legged creature.) Queen Afua’s Meat Replacements include: Beans, Lentils, nuts (Sparingly), seeds, sprouts, & spirulina.

Beans: Black, Lentils, Lima Beans, Pinto/ Red/ White.

Dairy: Cheese, Milk, Butter. (note: dairy causes mucus and should be left out of the diet. Yet in the event one feels the urge, please consume sparingly.)

Beverages: Reverse Osmosis h2o, Distilled h2o, Alcohol (wine).

Fruit:  Blueberry, Cranberry, Plums, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Lemon, Tomato.

Veggie: Olives, Squash.

Nuts/Butters: Cashews, Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Walnuts. 

Grains:  Barley, Rolled Oats, Rice.

Fats & Oils:  Canola, Flax, Olive Oil, Hemp Seed oil, Sunflower Oil.

Other: Potato, Vinegar, psychedelic medicines (mushrooms). 

Salt Replacement: Queen Afua‘s suggestions include Celery, Kale, Carrots, Lettuce & Strawberry.

Starch Alternatives: Queen Afua‘s suggestions include Tabouli, Baked Potato, Couscous, Sprouted Bread (sparingly).

 Preventative & Combative Care against Cancer and Cancer-Caused Ailments.

– The body must maintain a constant 8.5 pH balance at all times.  To test, purchase pH strips to be sure.  One can purchase a water ionizer or refer to the following alkalizing recipe:

  •  1 Lemon
  • ¼ Ginger Root
  • ½ Cucumber
  • ½ mint leaves

– Drink when you wake and save the same ingredients to use over three days.  Simply replace the h2o.

– Cancer cells cannot survive at high oxygen levels and will die at an 8.5 pH/. Add Fruit, veggies, whole foods, and alkaline minerals to the diet with at least 15 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise each day with the 80:20 ratio of alkaline : acid foods and you’re eating to live.  

Add the following to what will be consumed with alkalized water:

  1.  Blackseed oil (combine 2 handfulls of food-grade black seed with 5 cups water and boil 10 minutes. Cool for 5 minutes)
  2.  Dried Chaparral. Begin with small doses, as it may be hard on kidneys when the intake is imbalanced.  
  3. Chlorella with a broken cell wall.  Upon purchasing be sure to inquire if it’s. been tested for nutritional consistency, how it is grown, if its had a heavy metal analysis,  and if it has a certificate of analysis. 
  4.  Iodine, but only when the body is at a 7.36pH.  

– On average, a pH of no less than 7.36 should be generally maintained.  

Please inbox to inquire about a personal template.